Why FBC?

Why FBC?

Why do we do what we do?

  • Because we really believe God is good and loving. Because we really believe sin is in each one of us and we all need God. Because if we just believe and follow Jesus Christ, we can really know peace even in hard times.
  • Because we want others to have real and lasting peace as well. That’s why we do church.

Why Friendship Baptist Church?

  • Because just like God is loving, we want to love one another too. We are not perfect at it. But we are better at it now than we used to be. And we are going to keep getting better at it every day going forward.

How will we do church?

  • Because God is good and loving and we seek to do the same to each other and those around us, we strive to:
    • Teach others about God’s love through Jesus Christ.
    • Show love to one another by patience, encouragement, acceptance of personalities and holding sin accountable when it is clear.
    • Recognizing these things are driven by heart attitudes and asking ourselves, what is the attitude of my heart today? (Need a guide? Look at the beatitudes in Matthew 5.)

What will we do?

  • What we do changes based on the needs of the day. Everything we do is intended to reflect the answers to why we do what we do at FBC.
  • But some whats are consistent.
    • We will pray for the spiritual strength of one another and the well being of all people.
    • We will study the Bible as the inerrant word of God. To both know God’s character, commands and provisions, as well as to follow and apply the doctrines of the bible to our everyday lives.
    • We will celebrate together. Sometimes in worship service, others in small group class settings or times just spent sharing our lives together.
    • We will sacrifice. Because we value what is described in our whys, we give of our time, money, and abilities. Intentionally and sometimes to the point of discomfort, as we want our sacrifice for the faith to truly impact our lives, as well as others.
  • All because we believe Jesus is just that good!