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Rob Mastry

Rob Mastery gives us a great message Saturday night.  Learned some great things about taking sin seriously and believing God.

Read Genesis 4.

Message given on May 20th 2017.


Jesus is above all things

John 3:31-36

The Bible in your life (a sermon intro)

The beginning of a sermon

A couple years ago Pastor Kyle McDannel led a discussion about what we go through to make a sermon.  I shared with the group that the first thing I do is I read and outline the passage.  Just the act of outlining what the passage says helps us be clear what is being communicated.  It also lets us see if we have taken too large or too small of a passage to really understand in a sitting.

This is my initial outline of this weekends passage.  I would encourage you to read the passage and try this yourself.



The Bride and The Groom of John 3:28-30

The marriage relationship is often used in the New Testament as an image of the relationship between Christ and His Church.  In this lesson we look at what John the Baptist said to his followers leading up to the work of Christ on the Cross.