Read and Believe Romans

I will begin Monday 3-31-14 to read Romans.  Please feel free to offer commentary or questions on Romans as we go in the comment section below.  The way the site is set up, I must approve all comments so don’t worry if it doesn’t show immediately.  You can also private message me on Facebook or email me at if you desire.

Monday – Romans 1 through 3
Tuesday – Romans 4 through 6
Wednesday – Romans 7 through 9
Thursday – Romans 10 through 12
Friday – Romans 13 through 15
Saturday – Romans 16

Martin Luther once commented concerning Romans:

“This Epistle is really the chief part of the New Testament and the very purest Gospel, and is worthy not only that every Christian should know it word for word, by heart, but occupy himself with it every day, as the daily bread of the soul.  It can never be read or pondered too much, and the more it is dealt with the more precious it becomes, and the better it tastes.”


  1. Bobby Sharp says:

    So in Ch. 1 the verse that has always caught my attention is v.25. This is the outworking of modern day idolatry that we are all guilty of. We work for what we want ahead of what God wants. We give our time and efforts to the things that the world around us says are important. But few really are. What is important? For that, see the description of Christ and what He gives us found in vv. 3-7.

    • Candice Wardrip says:

      Al and I discussed how sad the flesh truly is. Our weakness to return to sins forgiven. I would love to believe I am so far beyond reproach until I realize the master distraction of my daily tasks, ment to be an act of worship sometimes by the end of the day appear as ugly as a golden calf I hand crafted and twisted for my own edification instead of Jesus. I’m always struck by Paul’s brokenness for fellow believes. His desire for the company and encouragement to lift and be lifted. Vv8-17. This is a beautiful example of what the body of Christ has in one another non-burdening obligation to love each other and encourage. We all to often tap out or neglect the opportunity.

    • As I was reading through I was struck by the reflection of our lives in verses 18-20. America in particular has had a continual out pouring of Gods truth and more and more turn from it, try and stomp it out, and persecution is rising. And the country is without excuse.

  2. Bobby Sharp says:

    In Ch. 2 near the end we see a lot of talk of circumcision. All scripture must be interpreted via other scripture. So as we read this section it may be helpful to read it twice. Because we get the key to the passage in vv.28-29. There we learn that the circumcision spoken of is circumcision of the heart. The spiritual cutting away of the outward calloused nature of the heart. this is a work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

    • Candice Wardrip says:

      We discussed vv 11 in step with that. The beauty that favoritism is removed. Nothing we do achieves God’s favor. Perhaps since God truly sees the heart uncircumcised or circumcised and knows His creation he is able to lack favoritism.

  3. Bobby Sharp says:

    In Ch.3 we see the the opening of the gospel of grace. vv.1-20 tell us about the purpose of the law and how God is right and just in judging the world. This is a significant point as many who are hesitant to come to Christ struggle with God being good and still judging the world. Here we learn that He is right to judge, but because of his grace, he extends mercy toward us (vv.21-31).

  4. Bobby Sharp says:

    In Ch. 4 We are reminded that it is not doing good stuff and not bad stuff that makes us right with God, but it is trusting in God, faith in Him that makes us right with God. v.3, 13 and 22-25.

  5. Bobby Sharp says:

    In Chapter 5 the key is verse. 8. But in honesty, like so much in Romans, my comments are just meant to spark some conversations. Every sentence of this chapter needs to be read and evaluated, trusted and applied… “so that, as sin reigned in death, grace also might reign through righteousness leading to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (v.21)

  6. Bobby Sharp says:

    Ch.6 has deep ramification on sin, salvation and grace. vv.10-11 are key. Read it carefully. For me, I have found some very person words in this chapter tonight. Perhaps I will write on that separately.

  7. Bobby Sharp says:

    In chapter 7 we learn about the the Law and the grace of Christ. v.4 tells us how we are no longer tied to the Law, but to Christ. The idea of dying to the Law is essential, death is effective and permanent. We know and study to Law to know and see what Christ has fulfilled on our behalf. The Law gives us a greater understanding of the work of Christ. But we are not bound to it. We are free from it. We are bound to and belong to Christ. This is an ongoing battle within us as we by nature are drawn to the legalistic nature.

  8. Bobby Sharp says:

    In Chapter 8 we see one of the most concise sections of scripture in the Bible. We see the Gospel in vv.1-4, we see the work and role of the Spirit from there, we see the idea of eternal adoption, the perspective on suffering and hope in the future, we learn about our prayer life and see the distinction between foreknowledge and predestination. We see Gods commitment to his children and the security of the believer. And that is just what you get going over it quickly. This chapter is amazing (not that the rest of the book is any less amazing). Spend time here.

  9. Bobby Sharp says:

    Chapter 9 is about Gods children. Who is a child of God and what makes that distinction? The distinction is who falls into the promise, not simply who is in the right biological line. It is God who saves each person. We simply come to faith as he fulfills his promise and reveals Christ to us.

  10. Bobby Sharp says:

    Ch. 10 is about Christ completing the Law (hence we don’t have to.) It is about our coming to him whole heartedly by faith. And about the importance of openly, verbally sharing the gospel. vv.9-10 are often used in evangelism, and rightly so. Well worth memorizing. But keep the context in mind.

  11. Bobby Sharp says:

    Chapter 11 contains a reassuring thought, God’s promises never fail. He has called the Jewish people, and Paul shows us how even now that remains. He also shows us how this issue is always about faith. So often we naturally presume our own position or importance. Yet neither affect God’s view of us. He shows His mercy to all (v.32) regardless. Hence we praise Him and surrender all things to Him, and rightly so. (v.36)

  12. Bobby Sharp says:

    So in Chapter 12 we read not a list of commands, but a description of the heart of the believer. Remember, following Christ is not a matter of following a list of rules, but a matter of the heart. Be fully given to Christ. Hold noting back, be completely changed by his presence and the work of the Holy Spirit within you. This is a matter of the heart, not the rules.

  13. Bobby Sharp says:

    In Chapter 13 we are given direction to obey governing authorities. And we are to take this very seriously. But scripture is to be interpreted with scripture for full understanding. Paul wrote most of these letters while in jail for teaching about Christ. Hence we see here that we obey the law so long as it is not contrary to scripture. In vv. 8-10 we are reminded that ‘the greatest of these is love.’ But the verse that sticks with me the most is v.14, “But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.”

  14. Bobby Sharp says:

    Chapter 14 Is a reminder that life is not about you, but about bringing honor and glory to God and being an ambassador for God. First, v.4 reminds us that even when we don’t think we can stand, we can stand because the Lord will make us stand. In v.8 we live and die for the Lord. And then we get the practical example not to put a dividing line between one another based on what we want to eat or drink. And again, the concluding verse of the chapter has great insight into God’s heart and even our own, “For whatever does not proceed form faith is sin.”

  15. Bobby Sharp says:

    Romans 15: Paul begins to cover several topics as he begins to close this letter to the church. vv.5-7 address our unity. This is always a question and need in the church. We so often get divided over peripheral issues. But here we are told not to allow that to occur, but to intentionally come together, and specifically in the following verses, we are told to come together around the Gospel of God and Jesus Christ.

  16. Bobby Sharp says:

    Chapter 16: #1, read verse one, study it in the greek and you tell me, what is Phoebe’s title. From there we see Paul acknowledge those who have worked so hard for the the Kingdom of God there in Rome. In v. 17 we are reminded to be cautious of those who cause division. This is an area that churches often get wrong. We make mistakes by ignoring those who really cause divisions, while trying to reprimand those who simple don’t act the way we would desire. Then in v.20 we are reminded of the victory over Satan. Verses to memorize, vv.25-27.

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