One of my favorite ideas from Spurgeon

“Jesus in the dark is just as good as Jesus in the Light.” – My Paraphrase from the following:

Remember there is the same Christ for big sinners as for little sinners; the same Christ for grey heads as for babes; the same Christ for poor as for rich; the same Christ for chimney sweeps as for monarchs; the same Christ for prostitutes as for saints: “Whosoever.” I use broad words that I may take a broad range, and sweep the whole universe of sinners through—whosoever looketh to Christ shall live. And remember it does not say that if they looked but little they should not live. Perhaps there was some of them so bitten that their eyelids were swollen and they could scarcely see. Old Christopher Ness says, “There may have been some of them that had so little sight that they could but squint from one eye.” Says he, in his strange language, “If they did but dart a little glance at the brazen serpent, they lived.” And you who say you cannot believe; if God gives you only half a grain of faith, that will carry you to heaven. If you can only say, “O Lord, I would believe, help thou mine unbelief;” if you can but put out your hand with Simon Peter, and say, “Lord save, or I perish,” it is enough. If you can only pray that poor publican’s prayer—” God be merciful to me a sinner,” that will do. ~C.H. Spurgeon in “The Mysteries of the Brazen Serpent.” A sermon on John 3:14-16

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