Mission Volunteer Opportunity

The goal this summer is to spread the gospel in the Rough River area.  The targets can be either those who are camping in the area or the local residents.  The plan is to partner weekly with local churches to pray, engage the people, host events, and share the truth about Christ.  The volunteer(s) will be provided a place to stay if needed, supplies for projects, and a small stipend.  The followup plan is to work with local pastors and lay-leaders to begin small group bible studies following the summer.  Depending on location, we will also attempt to connect contacts made over the summer with local churches in their area.
This work will include:
  • 8 weeks in the field.
  • Target dates are June 1 through August 2, 2014.  (These dates are flexible depending on the need.)
  • Weekly church visits to share the missions goal and results.
  • Spend time in local campgrounds/communities meeting people and inviting them to that weeks event.
  • Weekly events can be community cookouts, block parties, concerts.
  • Weekly documentation of contacts made.  (for followup purposes)
  • Documentation needs to include:
    • Name
    • Family info
    • Age and gender
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Spiritual condition
    • Interest and responsiveness to the gospel.
  • Weekly attend and participate in report and planning meetings at nearby Cloverport or Hardinsburg.
  • Training can be provided.
  • Work or school schedules can be discussed.

This person can be from the local area or not.  We would be glad to discuss the vision of the work with whoever feels the interest or call.


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